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Elements in solid solution, such as phosphorus, nickel, tin, and chromium, The CuNiSi alloys are used as spring contacts and lead frames as anDurability of metals from archaeological objects, metal OSTI.GOV The seven metals of antiquity are gold, silver, copper, lead, iron, tin, The metal meteorites are ironbase alloys with 5 to 60 wt nickel and.Large scale synthesis of copper nickel alloy nanoparticles with This largely owes to exotic properties exhibited by materials when broken down to nano dimensions. To cite some examples, metal nanoparticles like silver and

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coppernickel alloys 15, 28, 34, 38, 53, 73,. 86, 106, 137, 139, 154, 161, 164, coppertin wrought alloys 192 coppertinzinc alloys 18, 29, 34, 38, 54,.Copper and Alloy Classifi ions Brass thyssenkrupp Materials NA Copper alloys, Brass, Zinc Zc . Phosphor bronze, Tin Sn . Aluminum bronzes, Aluminum Al . Silicon bronzes, Silicon Si . Copper nickel, nickel silversMONEL alloy K500 Marine Alloy QQN286 UNS N05500 Ni 63.0 Cu 29.5 Al 2.7, Ti 0.6 C 0.18 Fe 2.0 Mn 1.5 Si 0.50 S 0.010 Agehardenable NickelCopper alloy which combines the corrosion resistance of Alloy

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Nickel K500 is a nickelbased copper alloy 63 Ni, 33 Cu with additions of aluminum and titanium, which enables the alloy to be precipitation hardened. ThisNickel Silicon Bronze Aviva Metals Nickel Silicon Bronze is available from NBM. Nickel Silicon Bronze has a very high mechanical strength, good wear and corrosion resistance.CopperNickelSilicon Alloys PIAD Precision Casting Copper NickelSilicon Alloys offer high strength and hardness in chill casting. Cooper nickel alloys contain nickel and silicon and can be heat treated.

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LowSilicon Bronze C65100 is an engineering alloy at least as resistant to corrosion Copper NickelTin Bronze Copper nickeltin bronzes are an excellentCopperNickel Alloys: Properties, Processing, Appli ions Tin as an addition element raises tensile strength, tarnish resistance and wear resistance of CuNi alloys. CuNi alloys containing c. 2 Sn are distinguished